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Yorkshire & The North - Paintings

A road in Wensleydale

A wild Spring day on the Moor

Autumn light, Boss Moor

Deepdale, before the hay is cut

In a limestone pasture, Malhamdale

Malhamdale, early Summer

On Askrigg Moor

Late Summer in Malhamdale

Summer land and sky

Looking towards Flasby Fell and Sharphaw

Summer on Boss Moor

Summer sky over Boss Moor


Swaledale Summer

A walk in Winter

Autumn in Barbondale

Moorland Spring

A bright sky over Winterburn

A wild Spring day in Malhamdale

After the rain, on Boss Moor

Haytime and the grass is growing in Butra meadow and Slevina

In a field in Malhamdale

Rain clouds blowing over 2010

Rain over the land, looking West towards Morecambe Bay

Spring journey over Malham Moor

Winter on Malham Moor

Winter, Malham Moor

A cold bright day Malhamdale

Above Hetton on a bright day in early Autumn

Autumn in Wensleydale

Late Summer light on Boss Moor

Summer on Malham Moor

Summer skies over Boss Moor and Winterburn

Wensleydale Summer

A bright day, above Cold Cotes looking towards Cumbria

After the rain, light on the land, Keasden

Haytime in Deepdale

Summer moorland and sky

Summer rain over Winterburn

The last of the snow, Malham Moor

Autumn in Swaledale

Autumn journey over the Honister Pass

Summer on Boss Moor

Summer rain on Boss Moor

Winter on the Moor

Bright moorland weather

In the depths of Winter at the place where the globe flowers grow

Summer in Deepdale

Summer in Deepdale, looking toward the Howgills